In 2013 new rules were issued which made the ‘Individual Investor Programme of the Republic of Malta’ possible. This grants Maltese citizenship to foreign individuals and their families who contribute to the economic development of Malta.

Individual Investor Programme

The number of successful applicants (excluding dependents) shall not exceed 1,800 throughout the duration of the Programme.

Within ninety days of the receipt of the application, the Authorities shall verify that the application is formally correct, that all relevant information has been provided, that the applicant’s background has been verified by one or more independent due diligence agents, and that all relevant fees have been paid.

Within thirty days from the date of completion of this verification, and following any further reviews and checks that the Authorities may deem necessary, the applicant’s representative will be informed in writing by the Authorities that the application has been either approved in principle, refused or delayed.

Once an application is approved in principle, the Authorities will issue a Letter of Approval in Principle to the main applicant informing him/her that, within four months from the issue of such letter, he/she needs to provide evidence that the main applicant and any dependents are covered by a global health insurance policy, and that the contract of purchase or lease to either acquire or lease residential immovable property at the required values , has been entered into.

Within five days of the issue of the Letter of Approval in Principle, the main applicant will be instructed to remit the contribution less the non-refundable payment already received. Payment is to be received within twenty days of such instruction, after which the Authorities will notify the Minister to issue a certificate of naturalization. The certificate of naturalisation shall only become effective, and be made available to the applicant, after the applicant takes an oath of allegiance. The application process takes between six to twenty four months, provided all the conditions are satisfied. The contribution is not refundable.

The IIP Qualification Criteria

In order to qualify under this Programme, Applicants shall be persons who are at least 18 years of age and must make the following contributions and investments:

Malta Individual Investor Programme Contribution to the National Economic and Social Development Fund
Principal Applicant €650,000
If applicable, add Spouse + €25,000
If applicable, add for each Dependent aged under 18 + €25,000
If applicable, add for each Dependents aged over 18 + €50,000
Malta Individual Investor Programme Residential Immovable Property
Purchasing Immovable Property ≥ €350,000
Leasing Immovable Property ≥ €16,000 annually
Malta Individual Investor Programme Investments
Stocks, bonds or debentures €150,000


Due Diligence (excluding Maltese VAT if applicable)

Passport Fees (refundable in case passports are not applied for)

Legal and Professional Fees (not refundable)